Registered athletes at IRONMAN® and IRONMAN® 70.3® in Brazil have the opportunity to also register an “Angel Athlete” to swim together during the swim portion. This is a safety measure to provide a better experience to first-timers athletes who can gain more confidence in open water swimming. See below the rules for na Angel Athlete participation.



1.a. Only registered athletes can request an Angel Athlete registration for the race.
1.b. Registered athletes must contact the Organization ( and request an “Angel Athlete” approval 45 days prior the event date.
1.c. Requesting the Angel Athlete approval does not guarantee its approval. There is a technical limit for Angel Athlete slots.
1.d. The registered athlete is responsible for registering your Angel Athlete, who must be a person of his/here entirely trust. The Organization will not recommend any person to be an “Angel Athlete”.

1.e. The Angel Athlete doesn´t need to be same gender and/or age group. The minimum age for participation as an Angel Athlete is 18 years old.
1.f. Any athlete who requires an Angel Athlete must be aware of all rules listed below and will be disqualified for not following them.
1.g. The Athlete Angel registration is free of charge.


2.a. Athlete and Angel Athlete must check in together, according to the race schedule available at the official website.
2.b. Athlete and Angel Athlete will both sign an Event Waiver. They are entirely responsible for their own safety.
2.c. The Athlete will receive the complete race package for the race. The Angel Athlete will only receive a swim cap and a wristband.
2.d. Athlete and Angel Athlete are required to attend the Athlete´s Briefing, according to the race schedule available at the official website.
2.e. Athlete and Angel Athlete will receive a chip timing but only the Athlete will have the results published.


3.a. Athlete and Angel Athlete will start the swim course at the last wave.
3.b. Athlete and Angel Athlete must swim together the entire course.
3.b. The Angel Athlete is responsible for calling the water safety attention if needed. Water safety staff will be placed along the swim course.
3.c. Athlete and Angel Athlete must exit the water together. They must respect the cut off time and all the general rules.
3.d. When exiting the water, the Angel Athlete must present himself/herself to the referee located at the water exit. It is mandatory to let the referee know both athletes exited the water.
3.e. Angel Athlete will leave the race right after notifying the referee, at the water exit. Angel Athlete cannot enter into the Transition Area/Tent.
3.f. The athlete will enter the Transition Area and proceed with her/his race.


4.a. The athlete who swims with an Angel Athlete is not eligible for World Championship slots and/or Age Group Awards.
4.b. The Athlete who swims with an Angel Athlete will receive medal and finisher shirt if completing the race in 8 hours with no penalties.
4.c. Angel Athlete will not receive any medal or finisher shirt.