Leaving a legacy is about making the extraordinary real and turning dreams into reality. It is about going the distance beyond the organization and experiences in each event.

For us, the finish line is a new opportunity to start over. During its 20 years of existence, IRONMAN Brazil lives up to the brand’s motto and aims to show that when we execute something with passion and integrity, anything is possible.

We have the honor to announce our Corporate Social Responsibility policy. This new platform is where we will share the benefits of the social work we will make in each city that we will go to. The set of actions will be based on our vision, mission and values, with different strategies integrated to our purpose. Initially, we will focus on five pillars: minimizing the impacts caused to the environment and making the public aware of the importance of sustainability, promoting sports for women through projects based on empathy and intersectionality, promoting the practice of clean sports and sportsmanship, humanizing treatment for all audiences involved with the brand and promoting social services for people in social vulnerability, in addition to facilitating access to the practice of triathlon.

Unlimited Sports believes in the strength of sport as a vector of significant social changes and has a strong audience to support us in our dreams and help us act together.

Let’s move on!

Ambassador: Thiago Vinhal

He is the first black male professional triathlete to compete in the  IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. His personal mission is to inspire people to fulfill their dreams. Thiago is an active participant in social actions of the IRONMAN Foundation and the creator of projects like Colors in Kona, which reverts the sales revenue of the products into donations of food. Thiago is the main ambassador for our project. #LetsPush

Ambassador: Monike Azevedo

She is Three times Brazilian Triathlon Champion, Six times Rio de Janeiro state triathlon champion, among many other titles. Monike is the creator and director of the Project that bears her name and which has already benefited more than 5.000 children and teenagers, between 6 and 17 years old, in Rio de Janeiro. The project has educational, cultural and sporting purposes facilitating the access of young people in a state of social vulnerability to triathlon and is a national reference in the third sector.

Do you want to be a member of our army of good? We are open to share ideas and receive institutions, sponsors and volunteers in our actions!

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